Contest Rules


Here are the rules for the Miller Lite 60 Second Pit Crew Challenges at Bleachers August 3rd, 2018.

  1. Beginning July 9th, 2018, listeners will be directed to listen weekdays between 10am and 3pm to play The Beat The Racer Contest July 16th – July 27th. Caller 10 will be selected to play.  If contestant successfully beats the racer and does not crash, they will qualify to be a part of the 60 Second Pit Crew Challenges event: Friday, August 3, 2018 at Bleachers in Watkins Glen.  10 total qualifiers will be selected.  Each qualifier must also bring 3 “crew” members to the event on August 3rd.  If not all 10 show up on August 3rd, additional teams will be selected at location via a random drawing provided by pre-event registration.  On August 3rd, the 10 “Pit Crew” teams will take part in a series of four 60 second challenges.  No purchase necessary.  Purchase does not increase the odds of winning.  All teams will receive Miller Lite Hat or similar prize. Grand prize is 4 Die Cast autographed #2 race cars.  Plus Miller Lite Gear.  2nd place team will win Miller Lite gear.
  2. Contestants will be solicited on WNGZ-FM on the air July 16-27, 2018. Listeners will be asked to be caller 10 on station’s request line, 607-767-9649.
  3. Qualifiers will be asked to be present at Bleachers in Watkins Glen on Friday August 3rd, and check in between (3pm and 5pm). Each qualifier MUST have their additional 3 team members as well.  Each qualifier/team will receive a wrist band.  Each of the four team members must compete in one of the four events.
  4. All contestants and team members must be at least 21 years of age and show valid government ID, day of event to participate. All contestants will be provided a copy of the official contest rules and will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging receipt and understanding of the contest rules.
  5. Qualifiers may not substitute another person to take their place in contest.
  6. Only 1 person per household will be allowed to qualify and allowed to qualify only once.
  7. There will be only one team winner of the Grand Prize.
  8. Winner is responsible for any local, state, or Federal taxes.
  9. All contestants must give consent that their voice, name, and/or picture or likeness may be used for promotional purposes, including digital (by signing rules).
  10. In the event of a tie, the teams that are tied will receive one NASCAR trivia question to break the tie.
  11. Employees of Community Broadcasters, LLC their families, interns thereof, employees of any other radio station in the Elmira-Corning metro area as defined by Nielsen and their unpaid interns and families, employees and family members of all other participating sponsors are ineligible to qualify or win.
  12. These rules may be amended at any time without notice.
  13. A written copy of the rules also available at Community Broadcasters, LLC in Elmira Heights during regular business hours.

General Contest Rules:
In the following rules, “CBLLC” means Community Broadcasters, LLC,:
1. Some CBLLC contests will have specific rules that may amend these eligibility values, and these rules will be aired on CBLLC during said contest. Only one winner per household is permitted per contest in a 45 day period. Any prize awarded to an ineligible listener will be deemed null and void, and an alternate eligible winner may be named.
2. Anytime you call the CBLLC studios you assume that your call will be broadcast or recorded and you grant us permission to broadcast the call or record if for later broadcast.
3. Contestants agree, that their voice, name and/or picture may be used for promotional, broadcast, or Internet purposes.
4. Prizes awarded are not redeemable for cash. No prize is transferable. No substitution for a prize will be made at the request of winner. CBLLC reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar value.
5. All winners of all contests are responsible for all taxes on prize awarded. All winners of a prize valued at $600 or more will be required to complete the appropriate tax forms at the CBLLC studios prior to claiming prize. All winners will be sent an IRS form 1099 if in one calendar year the prize value of all prizes won exceeds $600.
6. All CBLLC contests are open to all eligible U.S. residents 18 or over unless otherwise noted. Contestants must possess a valid form of identification bearing the picture of the contestant acceptable to CBLLC that will be presented to CBLLC and accepted before the prize is awarded.
7. Winners will be expected to claim prize at the CBLLC studios unless otherwise noted, between 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) within 30 days of being notified that they are winners, unless there is an expiration date on prize which will be specifically stated.
8. Employees and Interns of Community Broadcasters, LLC, their advertising agencies, affiliates, contest sponsors, interns, employees and immediate families or significant others of each, and employees or interns of all media of mass communication within a one hundred mile radius of the CBLLC main studio are not eligible to win any contest. Immediate family includes the spouse, great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the employee or intern and his/her spouse. This also includes individuals for whom the employee or intern is current legal guardian.
9. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Contest is void where prohibited.
10. CBLLC reserves the right to disqualify any winner if any contest rules are violated in any way.
11. =Community Broadcasters, LLC, their advertising agencies, affiliates, contest sponsors, employees, and immediate families of each absolve themselves and shall be held harmless from any action or liability arising from any contest or prize awarded in any contest.
12. CBLLC reserves the right to interrupt and/or discontinue any contest or promotion (and not award the offered prize) should events beyond CBLLC’s control warrant.
13. CBLLC reserves the right to amend the rules to any contest at any time. The judge’s decision is always final.
14. CBLLC shall not be held liable for any technical, mechanical or electrical malfunctions.
15. Regarding CBLLC’s on-line contests, all fields must be completed and rules published for, for them on-line must be followed for eligibility to win.
a. All appropriate information in required fields must be filled out or you will be disqualified.
b. To win a prize you must reside within the listening area of CBLLC, as defined at the exclusive discretion of CBLLC management.
c. Any problems with the Internet or email are not CBLLC’s responsibility.
16. A copy of these rules are also available during business hours at the CBLLC studios.